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Greg Rooney

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Welcome to Greg Rooney’s webpage

Greg is an independent mediation practitioner and arbitrator. He specialises in:

     A Five-Day Residential Workshop Retreat for Practising        Mediators in Tuscany, Italy

18-25 June 2016





                       "Shifting the Focus from Mediating the Problem to Mediating the Moment"








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Retreat Leaders -Greg Rooney (Australia) – Margaret Ross (Australia) – Barbara Wilson (UK)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Download a brochure, or email [email protected] for more information or to express an interest.


View 2016 brochure, reviews and photos of the previous workshops in Tuscany 2012 -2015   click here

Greg is based in Adelaide, South Australia and travels regularly within Australia and internationally to advise on conflict management options and mediate a broad range of disputes.


Please browse the links above for more on Greg's services, including his approach to the mediation session, Dispute System Design, Project Alliancing and view his published papers.

• mediation

• dispute systemd design and conflict systems management for workplace conflict

• project alliancing for infrastructure projects

• mediation training, supervision and professional development

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